Steam Controller with Unity

My current Unity game is a 4 player couch game. It’s a turn based ball game, where each player tries to knock another player’s ball into a hole. Whose turn it is to control the ball is of course decided by a virtual match of rock paper scissor. The input device each player will use is therefore a game controller. Unfortunately, I only have Steam controllers, which turned out to be a bit harder to use with the Unity Editor, because the Steam controller works best within the Steam application. It is, however, possible to make them work as gamepads inside the Unity Editor.

The trick is to add Unity as a non-Steam game to your Steam library.

Use Steam Controller in Unity Editor Recipe

1. Add Unity to your Steam library

Add non-steam game to Steam

Add Unity to library

2. Configure the Steam Controller

Start Unity from Steam library

Start Unity from Steam library

3. Open Unity from Steam

Steam Unity demonstration