UV Mapping in Blender for Unity

Just learned how to do UV mapping in Blender, and thought I should write it down before I forget. Currently, I’m doing the Learn 3D Modelling course at Udemy. I’m now past the basic modelling stuff, and wanted some practice. I decided to do a chessboard, and yup, you guessed it, not that challenging since it’s basically a square shape. It does not look anything like a chessboard, without the checker pattern.

No texture

So I decided to try out UV map painting, to see if I could turn this nondescriptive shape into a bona fide chessboard.

UV Mapping in Blender Recipe

1. Adding Seams

Edge select

Selection edges for seam

UVs panel


2. Clean the UV Map

UV map

Island UV selection tool

Island UV selection tool

3. Create the Texture and UV Layout Image

Select texture

4. UV Paining

Before paining

Before paining

5. Add Model to Unity

Before paining

You now have a textured model in Unity.

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