Wallpaper Generator

I’ve been using two monitors for about two years now, and there are a lot of great wallpapers that are made for a dual monitor setup. Recently, I saw a low-poly wallpaper that I liked, and wanted something similar. The problem: How to find a colorful low-poly image with the correct resolution. So I’ve made a small tool that can generate low-poly wallpapers in custom resolutions, and it runs in the browser. It used the JS library, Trianglify, which can generate SVG backgrounds.

In the tool you can customize the result by setting a variance and size of the triangles in the generated SVG image. You can split the wallpaper into several chunks, change the color scheme, and download the wallpaper as a PNG image.


Another project I might do in the future, is to extend this generator by creating a custom version of Trianglify.

The tool can be found at here.